Bankruptcy Loans for Used Cars From Grace Auto Group

Filing for bankruptcy? Worried that it’s going to prevent you from purchasing a vehicle? No need to fear when you can come to a dealership that can find a way to get everyone approved! When you finance with Grace Auto Group in Morristown, we offer used car bankruptcy loans so that you can drive away in the vehicle you’ve had your eye on, no matter your financial situation!


We know that most car buyers can’t afford to pay cash when purchasing a new vehicle. We also know how hard it is to get approved for a good loan if you’ve been experiencing financial hardships. Our dealership is committed to making sure everyone who walks through our doors, whether they are coming from Wrightstown, Doylestown, or anywhere else in Bucks County, can be approved. With this in mind, we have made bankruptcy loans on used car models all across our lot a significant part of what makes us stand out from other dealers.


While other car dealers in the New Hope and Levittown areas may have shut you down because of your financial history, we make sure that we can find a financing option that works for you. The most crucial part of this process, however, is knowing about your bankruptcy and what you can do when you have declared.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

While there are many different types of bankruptcy you can file for, Chapter 13 will be the most helpful to you if you are looking to purchase a vehicle. Chapter 13 bankruptcy won’t eliminate all of your debts, but it is the right type of bankruptcy to help you reorganize them and find a better way to pay everything off. This includes a potential auto loan that you could be looking to take out through Grace Auto Group. Chapter 13 restructures your repayment plans for your current qualifying debts through court-ordered methods. If you are looking to regain control of your finances, this is the best option for you.

Financing Your Used Car After Bankruptcy

Grace Auto Group can get you approved for affordable loans, no matter your credit score, making used car financing after bankruptcy much more possible than you might have expected. Our financing department works tirelessly on finding bankruptcy loans on used cars for our clients from Fairless Hills to Philadelphia and places in between.

Getting a Used Car Loan Post-Bankruptcy

No matter what financial hardships you are recovering from, it is important to know that you have options and that credit lenders will still be interested in working with you on hammering out a bankruptcy loan on a used car. As long as you are committed to being responsible when it comes to paying back your loan and striving toward building your credit back up, there is no reason to believe that you won’t be eligible for a used car loan post-bankruptcy, especially when you are financing your vehicle through Grace Auto Group.


While most fear bankruptcy as the end of the line and a point of no return, Grace Auto Group wants to remind you that bankruptcy is only the beginning of a fresh start. If you can make the right decisions and use it to your advantage to rebuild your credit score and financial history, then it is entirely possible - and even likely - that you come out on the other side of this in an even better position than you were before.


If you’re looking for a used car in Warrington, Trenton, or Warwick, but are dealing with bankruptcy issues, we strongly encourage you to apply online today for your used car bankruptcy loan, one that will help you drive off in the vehicle of your dreams. To make sure you’re qualified, let us soft pull your credit score through our quick qualify feature to see what kind of loan you can be eligible for. When it comes to getting everyone acclimated into the car of their dreams, there truly is no place like Grace!

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